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Concrete Infrastructure Research Group (CIRG)


Shear behaviour of UHPFRC

Ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) combines high strength concrete with reinforcement provided by embedded steel fibres. Superior strength, ductility and durability properties can lead to lighter structures. However, reduced cross section dimensions leave minimal space for traditional shear reinforcement, so the overall shear resistance depends on that of the concrete matrix alone. Therefore, understanding the shear behaviour of UHPFRC without transverse reinforcement is vital. 

This research  seeks to determine how best to exploit the remarkable properties of UHPFRC.  An experimental study into the shear behaviour of beams made from UHPFRC was undertaken. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) was utilised to better analyse the evolution of shear cracks and to quantify the ductility of shear failures. The results are being compared with existing predictive models to help inform when the use of UHPFRC is advantageous. 




The Concrete Infrastructure Research Group develops sustainable infrastructure, through an improved understanding of existing infrastructure assets, the use of new materials, and the creation of innovative structural solutions.


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