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Concrete Infrastructure Research Group (CIRG)


Cement minimisation and performance enhancement inĀ reinforced concrete structures

The mechanical behaviour of reinforced concrete is notoriously complex. When a structure is subjected to externally applied forces, an intricate system of internal load-resisting mechanisms develops. As a result of this internal distribution of forces, structural elements are not uniformly stressed. Some zones are utilised more than others. Nevertheless, the same type of concrete is used in conventional construction. This leads to inefficiencies in the use of the material.

The concept of tailored infrastructure can be used to optimise the mechanical performance of reinforced concrete structures. Different concrete mixes can be used in different locations within the same element, based on the specific structural performance that is required.

The objective is to develop a new generation of sustainable reinforced concrete infrastructure, enhancing the mutual relationship between mechanical and durability performance, self-weight, cost and environmental impact.