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Concrete Infrastructure Research Group (CIRG)


In June, Philipp, Hasini and Jess of the CIRG attended the fib International Congress 2022: Concrete Innovation for Sustainability in Oslo. The conference was a great display of new and exciting research in concrete and sustainability, and a fantastic opportunity to meet world-leaders in concrete research and academia. 

Jess presented her paper titled "Carbonation Behaviour of Concrete Exposed to Natural and Accelerated Carbonation Conditions" on the first day of the conference. Hasini presented her paper analysing "Shear Behaviour in Slender Reinforced Concrete Beams without Stirrups"  the next day. Philipp followed with not one but two presentations of papers, one titled "Studies on the Sustainability Potential of Tailored Textile-reinforced Concrete Structures" which is part of the Tailored Infrastructure research project, and another titled "Investigations into the Cracking behaviour of Epoxy-impregnated Textile-reinforced concrete" which was written in collaboration with colleagues at TU Wein in Vienna. All presentations were very successful. It was a great opportunity for everyone to showcase their work so far and sparked much discussion for future research.

The conference featured many highlights, inlcluding: presentation of the fib awards, keynote lectures from many noteable speakers, and a piano recital from world famous Norweigan Håvard Gimse.


The Concrete Infrastructure Research Group develops sustainable infrastructure, through an improved understanding of existing infrastructure assets, the use of new materials, and the creation of innovative structural solutions.


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